Personal Stories

Sport in Mind’s success is based on supporting people experiencing mental health problems on their road to recovery. The personal stories below illustrate the positive impact our charity has had on their lives.

“At 18 I was awarded a sports scholarship to the USA, but after suffering an injury I experienced anxiety, depression and began to self-harm…”    Read Lauren’s story

“After giving birth to my second child I suffered severe post natal depression. Although I had everything I had ever wanted, I felt like something had change inside me…”   Read Alexia’s story

“I had a successful career, a nice home and was financially well off, but when my marriage collapsed in my mid 40’s I experienced depression…”    Read David’s story

“12 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia. At the onset of my illness life seemed pretty bleak – I lacked motivation to do anything and didn’t see the point of getting up in the mornings…”    Read Heather’s story

“I was fortunate to achieve high enough grades to be accepted in the University of my choice, however, during my gap year I suffered my first panic attack. This was the start of a very bad time for me…”    Read Leon’s story